Welcome to Piano Kid Song! This website helps children and young people discover and enjoy songs played on the piano. You can learn to play these delightful songs by watching the performing videos and following the free sheet music made available here. If you’re interested, I would be happy to share a little bit about myself.

My name is Daniel Lu. I’m a high school freshman, and also a passionate young pianist, singer and music enthusiast, based in the vibrant Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Canada.

Music has always been an integral part of my life. I began playing the piano at the age of 6, and learned from Hana Gurtlerova, a certified Suzuki piano teacher from the Oakville Suzuki Association. My passion for piano and music grew and flourished when I started learning from Prof. Wang Shuang, a highly respected piano educator in Toronto. Under his rigorous and inspiring guidance, I earned the RCM Level 10 Certification, achieving First Class Honors with Distinction at the age of 12, and I am currently pursuing the RCM Associate Diploma (ARCT) in Piano Performance.

I’ve actively taken part in various piano competitions and music festivals, enjoying the chance to perform for diverse audiences on different stages. These include large audiences in concert halls and theaters, as well as intimate gatherings in schools, churches, hospitals, nursing homes and community centers. My recording of Chopin’s music was lately accepted by the esteemed Canadian Chopin Society, and featured in their Virtual Library.

It’s been my honor to receive numerous awards and prizes throughout my musical journey. Here are just a few of the recent accomplishments listed for your reference.

  • I was announced as the Finalist of the Don Banks Music Awards in 2023.
  • I won the First Place in three categories in the 2022 Hamilton Music Festival, and earned a nomination for the Provincial Finals of the Ontario Music Festivals Association (OMFA).
  • I won two Gold Awards in the 2022 International Music Festival and Competition (IMFC), and received a nomination for the Developing Artist Stream of the Canadian National Music Festival.

One particularly memorable highlight of my accomplishments was winning the First Place in the Crescendo Little Mozarts International Music Competition, which let to an invitation to perform at the renowned Carnegie Hall in New York in 2018.

Aside from the solo piano, I have a passion for pushing the boundaries of piano performance, and have gained extensive experience in accompanying a variety of instruments and ensembles, including choir, vocalist, band, drumline, violin and flute. I love the challenge of creating a seamless blend of piano, voice and other instruments. One notable experience was being a piano accompanist to perform for the members of the Ontario Provincial Parliament in 2022. You can find the recordings of my previous accompaniments at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSKGk2gN6z8SIBwF0DISRoAHSSbh5cArw.

My love for music extends beyond the piano keys. I find immense delight in singing songs, ranging from timeless classics to popular hits. My cover of Vitaa’s Ça Va Ça Vient has racked up over 10,000 views on YouTube. One of the cherished highlights of my singing journey was being the selected soloist leading a 600-voice choir of students in Grade 4 to 12 for the Halton Music Showcase Finale, in front of a captivating audience of over 2,000 attendees at First Ontario Concert Hall in Hamilton.

I have also taken on other instruments. I am self-taught in acoustic guitar, ukulele, recorder and harmonica, and I’m also following Mrs. Catherine Richardson, a professional flutist and invaluable mentor to delve into the world of flute. These versatile instruments have allowed me to explore different musical dimensions and expand my creative expression.

I derive my greatest joy from sharing my music and bringing joy to others. I hope you enjoy the piano performance and benefit from the music arrangements that I have created for you.

Happy watching, and happy learning!